Introduction to the Pisces Divers team – we are all PADI Instructors or Divemasters!

Mike Nortje -

Mike Nortje

Mike Nortje is a PADI Staff Instructor and Cat B Commercial skipper. He started Pisces Divers in June 2002. Mike has worked in the Middle East and SE Asia and still loves to get in at least two or three dive trips a year. Mike particularly enjoys doing the sardine run each year and the pelagic shark trips.

Ryan Burchell -

Ryan Burchell
Head Instructor

Ryan Burchell is a PADI Master Instructor and a Class II commercial diver who has been teaching diving since 2008. He started diving in the Seychelles in 2006 and realised pretty soon that diving was going to be a life-long passion. And he hasn’t looked back!

Neil Taylor -

Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Cat B Commercial Skipper. Neil can usually be found on board our newest boat, Pisces Divers, or drinking coffee in the coffee shop at Pisces Divers!

Jan de Bruyn -

Jan de Bruyn
Sales Manager

Jan de Bruyn is a PADI Openwater Scuba Instructor and Cat B Commercial skipper who started diving with Pisces back in 2006 as an Openwater student and joined the team shortly afterwards in 2007. Jan is our main sales guru and lover of all things technical, specifically underwater camera equipment!

Jacqui Mance -

Jacqui Mance
Bookings Manager

Jacqui Mance is our front office and bookings manager and is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor since 1999 as well as an underwater videographer and boat skipper. She spent twelve years in the Cayman Islands as a dive professional before returning to SA. She joined Pisces in April 2015.

Eddi Kasanhayi -

Eddie Kasanhayi
Divemaster and Barista

Eddie Kasanhayi started working at Pisces as a barista in our coffee shop three years ago. He started getting curious about this “diving thing” and did his PADI Openwater course. He is now our Nitrox blender and compressor operator, and has just qualified as a PADI Divemaster.

Graeme Grant -

Graeme Grant

Graeme Grant is our full-time skipper for our RIB, Pisces Divers II, as well as a PADI Openwater Scuba Instructor. Graeme’s passion is his whales and dolphins and he has an excellent eye for spotting them at great distances!

Almasi Sudi -

Almasi Sudi
Head Divemaster

Almasi Sudi is our Full-time PADI Divemaster on the RIB and he joins us from Zanzibar where he worked as a DM for many years, before deciding to switch the tropics for some cooler water diving down here in Cape Town

Allan Waddell -

Alan Waddell
Service Technician

Alan Waddell is our Service Technician as well as a Divemaster (retired!) Alan has dived for decades and travelled extensively. He did a stint at the Two Oceans Aquarium before joining Pisces in 2006.

Dillon Lombard -

Dillon Lombard
Operations and Logistics

Dillon Lombard is our logistics man: He gets the boats launched and moves divers around with their gear to make sure our launches get out on time, a vital part of the operation. Dillon is also a Cat B dive skipper and  is working towards his PADI Divemasters.

Arina Wessels -

Arina Wessels

Arina Wessels has been our accountant for the last ten years. She is a PADI Divemaster and her “happy place” is Madagascar where she works as a Divemaster each December to keep her sanity.

Josef Schoombie -

Josef Schoombie

Josef Schoombie is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer who has been with Pisces for three years now. He also leads shore dives and boat dives when not teaching diving. Josef has completed all his dive training with Pisces.

David Aaron Hofman -

Davi-Aaron Hofman

Davi-Aaron Hofman is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, who has been teaching for nearly four years now. Davi is also a qualified Paramedic and has his Hons in Accounting Science with articles. He started diving at eighteen (nineteen years ago!) and two years ago made a decision to enter the dive industry full-time.