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Sardine Run Frenzy

Are you ready to experience the thrill of the Sardine Run in 2017?

Every year, between the May and July, billions of sardines travel far north from the cold southern ocean up the East coast towards Kwa-Zulu Natal. This migration is called the Sardine Run. The Sardine Run is a natural phenomenon caused by a combination of weather patterns and movement of currents. It is a spectacle not to be missed, as a wide array of predators arrives to anticipate the sardines and other baitfish moving up the coast.

The world greatest Sardine Shoal

The Sardine Run is a spectacle to behold: Whales, dolphins, sharks, game fish and birds all joggle in the long bubble of sardines, to partake in a feeding frenzy. Sometimes even visible from the sky, bait balls form as common dolphins drive them towards the sea surface, where they come into range of diving Cape Gannets and other birds, triggering Copper and Dusky sharks to move in on the action.

Many of the world’s top marine biologists, wildlife photographers, and filmmakers see this as one of the most intense wildlife events in the world. The Sardine Run occurs along the beautiful and rocky shores of the northern Eastern Cape and southern KwaZulu-Natal coasts of South Africa.

Experience South Africa’s Sardine Run

Sardine Run 2017 with Pisces Divers promises to be a great adventure! We base ourselves at Buccaneer’s Lodge in Cintsa near East London, and we launch directly off the Cintsa beach.

Buccaneer’s Lodge is arguably one of the most awesome backpackers in South Africa, thanks to the hard work and incredible generosity and spirit of the Price family.  Set on a hillside in the wild coastal forest, Buccaneers has exceptional sea and lagoon views and a stunningly attractive beach right on its doorstep, making it the perfect place to be stationed.

We separate you from the crowds and ensure your comfort in well-equipped suites not far away from the pristine beach as you prepare for the daily activities just after sunrise.

How to experience the Sardine Run

  • Arrive at East London Airport on Sunday afternoon where you will be met and transferred to Buccaneers Lodge on the first day of your trip. We have a full briefing in the evening, where we can sort out equipment, dive protocols and camera issues.
  • Enjoy five days at sea and one rest day.
  • We have experienced and professional staff including guide and videographer at all times.

Please contact mike@piscesdivers.co.za to answer any questions or to reserve a place.