Streppies on reef -

Pisces Weekly News: 1 June 2017

We have had another awesome week of diving due to great conditions thanks to the North West wind. There has been a little bit of a ground swell rolling but we have managed to avoid it by doing dive sites not to close to the shore and they have had an average of 6-10m viz depending on where they went so happy divers all round.

We are getting a little bit of a blow from the North West Wind on Friday and a stronger blow on Saturday so Sunday might just be the better day to hit the water.


Our first three days of our five weeks sardine run trip has really delivered above expectations! On day 1 we had thousands of gannets and our divers had the thrill of two Brydes whales passing close by them in the water several times. Then yesterday we had all our divers in the water for almost an hour with a red eye sardine ball which was being torn up by common dolphins who were intent on eating every last fish. We have also been enjoying the surf launches from the beach in front of the lodge. Water has been clean so far but could be a touch cooler than we have now.

Just a quick reminder of our week timetable:

Shop Open from 8:00 to 16:30

Friday June 2:
10:00: Pyramid Rock (max depth 18m)
12:00: Ark Rock (max depth 14m)

Saturday June3:
Training: Open water course
09:00 Meet for Guided shore dive – 7 spots available
09:00: Skippers choice (max depth 30m)
11:00: Finlays Point (max depth 15m)
13:00: Ark Rock (max depth 14m)

Sunday June 4:
Training: Discover scuba
09:00: Skippers choice (max depth 30m)
11:00: Atlantis (max depth 21m)
14:00: Ark rock (max depth 14m)