ark rock critters -

Pisces News: 9th February 2017

Divers had a great dives on Tuesday at Ark Rock and had spotted some amazing critters. Thanks to Gino Symus for sharing these stunning pictures of underwater creatures.

Dive conditions are looking to be good for the whole week. Please see our weekend launch and shore dive plans – and remember we might revise these depending on the weather, so please check our online calender to confirm sites.


Just a quick reminder of our week timetable:

Shop Open from 8:00 to 16:30

Thursday, February 9
10:00 am PMB Wreck – Max depth 21m
12:00 pm Photographers – Max depth 14m

Friday, February 10
10:00 am Pyramid Rock – Max depth 12m
12:00 pm Ark Rock – Max depth 13m

Saturday, February 11
9:00 am Princess Elizabeth – Max depth 33m
10:00 am Free Guided shore dive – leaves at 10:00am
11:30 am Atlantis – Max depth 24m
1:30 pm Partridge Point – Max depth 18m

Sunday, February 12
9:00 am Omega Reef – Max depth 24m
11:00 am Castle Rock – Max depth 18m
1:00 pm Ark Rock – Max depth 13m