Maldives trip 2015 group photo -

Pisces News: 9th April 2015

A group of us have just returned from an absolutely fantastic Maldives trip – we are jet-lagged but still basking in the glow of a wonderful trip, with lots of photos to sort through. And we are all missing that 6AM bell waking us up for coffee and the morning dive briefing!


The diving over there was superb and it was strictly board-shorts and rash-vest diving with the water never dipping below 29 degrees! We were treated to lots and lots of sharks (mainly Grey Reef and White Tip Reef sharks), Whale sharks, Mantas and several other ray species, such as Spotted Eagle Ray, Marbled Rays, Jenkin’s Ray and Fan-Tailed Rays. The macro life was also superb, with our guides pointing our lots and lots of small critters, shrimps, nudibranch’s, Frog fish etc. There were some excellent photos taken by all – which we will be showing you soon – and we even had a mini-photographic competition – but I have chosen a few today which sum up the top-side fun we had on the trip. Thanks to all who came along and made it such a fun trip.

While I have been away, Easter didn’t really deliver any good diving and the guys decided to keep the shop closed on Saturday due to the new route of the Two Oceans, so it’s been pretty quiet at the shop of late. We did launch on the Atlantic yesterday and there was some excellent visibility to be had and the divers came back full of smiles.

This weekend it’s looking really awesome for a welcome change – False Bay will have the benefit of a bit of NW and some gentle rain tomorrow and should be very nice for the weekend. We will be launching on Friday and Sunday, because I will be supporting a friend who is doing the Freedom Swim this year on Saturday. We will still have a guided shore dive going out on Saturday, which all are welcome to join.

Maldives trip group photo 2015

Launches for the weekend:

Friday 10th April:
1000:  Seals at Partridge Point (max depth 21m)
1200:  Sevengill Sharks at Pyramid Rock (max depth 12m)

Saturday 11th April:
Freedom Swim – no dive launches

Sunday 12th April:
0900:  SAS Good Hope Wreck (max depth 33m)
1230:  Partridge Point (max depth 21m)
1500:  Pyramid Rock (max depth 12m)

Jumping off the boat - Maldives 2015