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Pisces News: 8th August 2013

We had some really great weather last weekend and it’s hard to believe that it was 27 degrees last Saturday as we shiver this morning! There was some seriously huge, long period swell which hit the peninsula late Sunday and then the early part of the week. The big wave crew were out in force and Jean Tresfon captured this rare shot of a surfer getting barrelled at Dungeons (and looking really casual about it too!)


We also had quite a hectic experience with a whale last weekend. Dave was picking up some volunteers from a shark boat at seal island and heading back to Miller’s point when a humpback suddenly appeared from nowhere right in front of the boat. Georgina was on the boat and her comments were: “as soon as it saw us it ducked back underwater but it wasn’t quick enough and neither were we == with a horrible bang we hit the whale. There wasn’t blood in the water, and we saw it, several horrified seconds later, surfacing, and the whole smooth line of spine was uninterrupted but… how do you know what affects whales? It was a humpback, and they weigh about 40 tons, so… it was a bit like an 80 kilo person being hit by a 2 kilo object…” Fortunately, no-one was flung from the boat and the only damage was to our keel-strip which has now been repaired.

During the week we avoided all the rain and gale force winds, but happily, the sea is settling down and in contrast to last weekend, there is very little swell this weekend. There has been a bit of a chilly Southerly wind, but we don’t think it has been enough to negatively affect the visibility too much. There is a strong NW forecast for Sunday which we will be keeping an eye on.

Dungeons barrel riding: Photo by Jean Tresfon


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Launches for the Long Weekend:

Friday 02nd Aug:

09:00  MFV Orotava (max depth 35m)
11:30  SAS PMB (max depth 21m)
14:00  Partridge Point (max depth 21m)

Saturday 03rd Aug:

09:00  SAS Princess Elizabeth (max depth 35m)
11:30  Pyramid Rock (max depth 12m)
14:00  Partridge Point (max depth 21m)

Sunday 04th Aug:

09:00 Fan Reef (max depth 30m)
11:30  SAS PMB (max depth 21m)
14:00  PMB Reef (max depth 18m)

Training for August:

PADI Advanced Openwater course starting on Friday 09th August
PADI Deep Speciality course starting on Saturday 10th August
PADI Wreck Speciality Course starting on Sunday 11th August
PADI EFR course starting on Monday 12th August
PADI Rescue course starting on Tuesday 13th August
PADI Photography Speciality course starting on Friday 16th August
PADI Deep Speciality course starting on Sunday 18th August
PADI Advanced Open Water Course starting on Wednesday 21 August
PADI Open Water Course starting on Saturday 24th August