Pisces News: 6th December 2013

We are all feeling a bit numb this morning after hearing the news of Madiba’s passing late last night. Although we have been expecting it for so long, it’s still a shock when it finally happens. RIP Tata.

In his words: ““I leave it to the public to decide how they should remember me,” he said, “but I should like to be remembered as an ordinary South African who together with others has made his humble contribution.” Let’s all strive to make our contribution!


Last weekend we launched in some serious wind, but had great viz at Tafelberg Reef and the Maori. Then the wind dropped away and we launched on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Bay and had some lovely calm conditions and nice viz as well. The Windfinder forecast is solid orange all the way through next week – I think it’s the first time I have seen such a succession of Gale Force wind days predicted. We are going to be launching on Sunday this weekend and will then scratch our chins for next week’s mid-week launches.

We have had no power in the dive centre for the last two days due to upgrades in Simonstown, so apologies if you have not been able to get through to the shop of late! We are now all back online and powered up.

Just a heads-up on our days that we will be closed for the festive season:

As usual, we will be closed on the 25th and 26th December and the 31st December and 1st of January.


PADI Wreck Speciality Course starting on Sunday 07th December
PADI Open Water Course starting on Tuesday 10th December
PADI Enriched Air Course starting on 11th December
PADI Advanced Open Water Course starting on Sunday 15th December
PADI Refresher Course on Tuesday 17th December
PADI Rescue course starting on Wednesday 18th December
PADI Open Water Course starting on Tuesday 21st December
PADI Advanced Open Water Course starting on Sunday 22nd December
PADI EFR course starting on Thursday 24th December
PADI Open Water Course starting on Friday 27th December
PADI Advanced Open Water Course starting on Sunday 29th December

Travel: Red Sea 2014

We have eight “early birds” confirmed for Red Sea 2014. Good news is that we have negotiated an extension of the early bird discount until the 31st December, so if you are still wavering, hopefully this will help you! Please email me for trip details.

Launches for the Weekend:

Sunday 8th December:

0900:  Aster Wreck (max depth 29m)
1130:  Maori Wreck (max depth 24m)
1400:  Seals at Duiker Island (max depth 10m)

Wednesday 11th December:

To be announced on Tuesday