Sea fan by Geoff Spiby -

Pisces News: 5th September 2013

Welcome to Spring! For a change, it seems as though the back of winter has been broken and there is some fair weather on the way. This weekend is looking very favourable, so we will be out there tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. Today Carel had decent conditions for his shore dives, with water at 13 degrees and viz around 6-7m, which should improve over the weekend.


Due to the current instability in Egypt, we regrettably postponed our 2013 Red Sea trip until next year. So instead of Egypt, we are going to be doing a little Sodwana getaway at the end of September, which coincides with the Sodwana Shootout happening around this time. Please give me a shout if you would like details of the trip!

Photo: Geoff Spiby


PADI Openwater course starting on Saturday 7th September
PADI Openwater Course starting on Tuesday 24th September
PADI Advanced Openwater starting on Tuesday 10th September
PADI Rescue Diver course starting on Tuesday 17th September

PADI Instructor Development Course starting on Sunday 20th October

Launches for the Weekend:

Friday 06th September:

1000: Atlantis reef (max depth 25m)
1200: PMB Reef (max depth 18m)

Saturday 07th September:

0900: SAS Pietermaritzburg (max depth 21m)
1130: Partridge Point (max depth 21m)
1400: Pyramid Rock (max depth 12m)

Sunday 08th September

10:00: Fan Reef (max depth 30m)
1200: Peter’s Pinnacle (max depth 15m)

Plumbing update!

We are very excited to finally have our toilets fully-functioning after nine months of trekking to the station toilets! I know this is not the most terribly exciting news for most of you, but for those of us who work here, it’s a big deal! Neil is busy casting a concrete slab over the conservancy tanks as we speak. The picture on the left shows Neil trying to remove some wild-life from the conservancy tank prior to installation. The photo on the right is the inaugural tinkle in the gent’s urinal, which Neil had the honour of performing. More shots of Pisces staff on toilets next week!

Jan fishing things out of the conservancy tanks

Neil taking a leak