Pisces News: 5th June 2014

We’ve had yet another bout of bad weather this week – just now it even hailed by us in Simon’s Town! We all jumped up from our work to go gawk at the hailstones the size of peas coming down and felt lucky not to be Neil who is at Long Beach right now doing a shore dive! The swell is quieting and we will be launching for Friday and the weekend.

All of us have had just too much fun checking out the entries to the Underwater Selfie Competition that Pisces has launched to celebrate World Oceans Day on 8 June 2014. But don’t worry, the contest is open until the last day of June so send us your #selfieforthesea before the month runs out! These are some of the amazing entrants that we have now:


Today is the last day we have to enjoy Mike and Carel before they take off to the Sardine Run in East London for three weeks. We’ll miss them whilst they’re away but cannot wait to hear their stories of whales, sharks and dolphins and check out the awesome images that they bring back. There is still one spot available on the boat so if you just can’t handle the thought of being on dry land this year then come and join us! Here is one of Tony Baskyfield’s images from last year!

Dolphins chasing sardines

Launches for the Weekend:

Friday 6th June:

10h00 PMB (max depth 21 metres)
12h00 Pyramid Rock (max depth 12 metres)

Saturday 7th June:

9h00 Transvaal (max depth 34 metres)
11h30 Partridge Point (max depth 18 metres)
4h00 Pyramid Rock (max depth 12 metres)

Sunday 8th June:

9h00 Fan Reef (max depth 30 metres)
11h30 Ammo Reef (max depth 27 metres)
14h00 Boat Rock (max depth 21 metres)


PADI Advanced Openwater course starting on Saturday 7th June at 0900
PADI EFR Course starting on Tuesday 10th June at 0900
PADI Rescue starting on Tuesday 10th June at 0900
PADI Deep Speciality starting on Saturday 14th June at 0900
PADI Openwater Dive course starting on Tuesday 
17th June at 0900