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Pisces News: 4 August 2016

We had a quiet one last weekend – Ryan was out for a training dive at Long Beach as was Danie with a group of shore divers and the vis was predictably poor (2-3m) but we did hear that conditions were somewhat better on the Atlantic side on Sunday – 5-6m and 14 degrees – what a surprise for the middle of winter!

Things are looking much better this weekend with gentle NW today and tomorrow which will hopefully translate into some decent False Bay conditions into the weekend. There is a longish period swell on Sunday which we are keeping an eye on, but tomorrow and Saturday will be very nice.


We have had some interesting sightings over the last few days – Orca’s off the Simonstown harbour wall and a group of six Southern Right whales frolicking off Long Beach yesterday afternoon, so False Bay is really alive at the moment. I think there is an excellent chance of seeing whales over the weekend!

Photo: Philip Staes


Friday 5th August:

1000:  Pyramid Rock (max depth 12m)
1200:  Partridge Point (max depth 21m)

Saturday 6th August:

0900:  Free guided shore dive with Danie – site to be decided on the morning
0900:  SAS PMB wreck (max depth 21m)
1130:  Pie Rock Reef (max depth 21m)
1400:  Partridge Point (max depth 21m)

Sunday 7th August:

0900:  Giant’s Castle (max depth 30m)
1130:  Caravan Reef (max depth 24m)
1400:  Castor Rock (max depth 20m)

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