Sevengill Shark shot by Wendy Crowther -

Pisces News: 31st July 2014

An exciting week here at Pisces Divers! We’ve had dancers coming to learn to dance underwater, marine archaeologists exploring and learning from wrecks just in front of us here in Simon’s Town and a really thrilling boat trip to the seals and sharks. Whilst our time with the seals was a bit surgy, the water was clean and the seals were very playful. At the sharks we were all taken with the top-to-bottom blue, blue viz and encounters with sharks, cuttlefish, octopus and some interesting klipfish.

Mike even joined in on some fun times with the cowsharks!


Wendy shares a photo of a cowshark patrolling the sands of Pyramid Rock.

Some of us will be going to Kirstenbosch to attend Dr. Kerry Sink’s talk on coelacanths and DAN Diver Day will be in Epping. As the winds and a very southerly swell keep us out of the water once again, we’ve cast our minds out to next year and warm water travel plans. At this stage we are exploring a Maldives liveaboard package in March-April, another Sardine Run in June and a possible short trip to Tofo later in the year. Details next week!

Launches for the Weekend:

Friday 1 August:
1000 Partridge Point (max depth 21 metres)
1200 Pyramid Rock (max depth 12 metres)
Saturday 2 August:
Dives cancelled due to inclement weather
Sunday 20th of July: 
Dives cancelled due to inclement weather


PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and Nitrox Speciality on 5 and 6 August starting at 0900
PADI Emergency First Responder training on 7 August starting at 0900
PADI Open Water Diver course starting 8 August at 0900
PADI Dry Suit Diver Speciality on 10 August at 0900
PADI Rescue Diver course starting 12 August at 0900