Rory Bruins testing his new camera on the seals -

Pisces News: 30th May 2014

The Cape of Storms lives up to her name once again. The surge has moved into the Bay already and both Saturday andSunday are looking messy. The boat divers just visited the PMB and found the water a chilly 12C, the visibility to be between 5 and 6-metres with too much surge for their likings. We are excited about diving next week – those who are dashing of to East London will have their last Cape dives and then we will wait with quite anticipation for their awesome fish tales and photos to start rolling in!

The boat dives for the weekend are going to be cancelled for the meantime but we will reassess tomorrow afternoon for Sunday. But don’t worry… we understand the need for some underwater time, so we’ve attached this awesome underwater image by Rory Bruins to get you through the weekend! 


Launches for the Weekend:

Saturday 31st May:

  • No launches due to weather conditions

Sunday 1st June:

  • No Launches due to weather conditions


  • PADI Openwater Dive course starting on Saturday 31st May at 0900
  • PADI Advanced Openwater course starting on Saturday 7th June at 0900
  • PADI EFR Course starting on Tuesday 10th June at 0900
  • PADI Rescue starting on Tuesday 10th June at 0900
  • PADI Deep Speciality starting on Saturday 14th June at 0900
  • PADI Openwater Dive course starting on Tuesday 17th June at 0900

Sardine Run:

We still have some spaces for our Sardine Run trip this year – please contact me for more details. We have moved our dates from the first week of June to the third week due to a couple of last-minute cancellations and some shuffling around: Sunday 15th to Saturday 21st June. This includes a public holiday on the 16th, so you only need to take four days of leave!! Come and see thousands of magnificent gannets doing what they do best – hunting sardines!