Dolphins chasing Anchovy -

Pisces News: 30 June 2016

It’s been a crazy month for all of us at Pisces! We have been hosting several large groups of overseas divers during the month in Simonstown as well as running the first three weeks of the month up at East London for the sardine run. The guys have been having some lovely winter diving down here with some really excellent conditions and we have managed to dodge most of the storms that have come through. There’s no dodging this weekend, though, and a huge swell makes its presence felt from today onwards. We are planning launches for Sunday and will keep a close eye on the weather and sea between now and then. No launched for tomorrow or Saturday. Graeme also initiated a rescue for a juvenile Humpback whale that had become entangled in rope from an Octopus trap and fortunately the NSRI Station 10 team was able to free the whale quickly.

Read the NSRI report here:

Up in East London, Jan and I have been having a great time taking groups out and exploring the Wild Coast in search of gannet and dolphin action. Between some quiet days of Albatross and Whale watching, we have had some really busy days of action and our guests have been treated to anchovy bait-balls south of East London on several occasions. We are back up in East London for our final group which heads to sea on Monday morning and then we are finally back home on 11th July.

Common Dolphins on an anchovy bait-ball from our first week on the run. Photo by Jan de Bruyn.


Sunday 3rd July:

0900:  Giant’s Castle (max depth 30m) – a new Dive Site
1130:  Atlantis Reef (max depth 24m)
1400:  Partridge Point (max depth 21m)


PADI Rescue Diver course starting on Friday 1st July at 0900
PADI Openwater Diver course starting on Friday 1st July at 0900
PADI Search and Recovery course staring on Sunday 3rd July at 0900
PADI Wreck Speciality course starting on Tuesday 5th July at 0900.

Albatross touching water

Just Cruisin’: Albatross dipping a wing-tip displaying its mastery of flight. Photo by Jan de Bruyn


Our Madagascar trip details are up on the website. Check out for all the details and costs.

Pisces Divers try dive

Pisces hosted a free “Try Dive” day on 16th June where a whole bunch of non-divers gave it a go for the first time!