Selfie of the sea winners -

Pisces News: 3rd July 2014

It seems that our streak of amazing diving has come to a brief halt. The weather this weekend is going to be wet and chilly but chins up – winter diving is not over yet! Our divers enjoyed the great visibility and balmy 16C water we had this week: visiting Smitswinkel Bay, the seals and the cow sharks with great interactions! The basket stars were especially active as of late – stretching out as far as their arms could reach!

A special congratulations to the winners of our Underwater Selfie Competition: Fiona and Steve! Check them out! Always check back on our Facebook Page to see what new competitions we offer!


Mike and Carel are finally back from the Sardine Run in East London and will be sharing their images with us very soon – maybe we could even talk them into a braai so we can gather and hear their tales of shark, mola and whale encounters!! The Sodwana Shootout is coming up this weekend and we are wishing our fellow Cape divers the best of luck and we eagerly await seeing what stunning photos come out of this year’s competition!

Sardine Run 2014

Here is a magical moment captured by Carel van der Colff of gannets and common dolphin predating this bait ball down to nothing!

Launches for the Weekend:

Friday 4th of July (Happy Independence Day to our American divers!):
12h00 Partridge Point (max depth 18 metres)
14h00 Pyramid Rock (max depth 12 metres) 

Saturday 5th of July:
9h00 Atlantis Reef (max depth 27 metres)
11h30 Partridge Point (max depth 18 metres)
14h00 Pyramid Rock (max depth 12 metres)

Sunday 6th of July:

9h00 Smits Wreck (max depth 34 metres)
11h30 Wreck of the PMB (max depth 22 metres)
14h00 Pyramid Rock (max depth 12 metres)


PADI Advanced Open Water Diver on the 5th and 6th of July starting at 9h00
PADI Deep Diver Speciality on the 5th of July starting at 9h00
PADI Open Water Diver on the 8th of July starting at 9h00
Emergency First Responder training on 9th of July starting at 9h00