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Pisces News: 28 July 2016

The cut-off low pressure has wreaked havoc on False Bay since Tuesday afternoon – It’s not looking pretty down here! There is still Southerly swell for the next few days, coupled with some serious wind and my honest feeling is that the Bay is not going to recover by the weekend. The swell goes back to a more normal direction from Monday, so let’s hope for Wednesday diving next week.

It’s a weekend for log-fires, red wine, friends and family. Have a toasty, warm one!


Strepies in formation: Photo by Wolfgang Polzer


Saturday 30th July:

No launches planned and no Saturday shore dive either

Sunday 31st July:

No launches planned

Remember we launch mid-week wherever possible, so stay in touch with us on Facebook or just call the shop for planned launches.


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Kalk Bay Storm

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