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Pisces News: 26th March 2015

After some truly awful weather of late, today dawned crisp and calm and there was a special treat out on the water. Skipper Graeme Grant managed to get a couple of shots and says they joined this family group of Orca’s just after they had taken a common dolphin. Let’s hope they stay with us in the Bay for a while!

Conditions report: 16 degrees and 6m visibility. There is some SE arriving, so we will keep you posted on the sea state.

Photo: Graeme Grant

Launches for the weekend:

Saturday 27th March

0900:  Glencairn Barge (max depth 14m)
1130:  Partridge Point (max depth 21m)
1400:  Pyramid Rock (max depth 12m)

Sunday 28th March

0900:  Training two-tank launch – full (max depth m)
1230:  Partridge Point (max depth 21m)
1500:  Pyramid Rock (max depth 12m)