Dolphin breach - False Bay -

Pisces News: 23rd December 2016

It’s been an unusually busy December and we have been exceptionally lucky with our weather, losing only a couple of days near the beginning of the month. Our luck has run out with our compressor though, and we have been running our portable non-stop and ferrying cylinders up and down to other dive centres. We hope to have our big machine up and running again soon, but in the meantime we are still managing to get our cylinders filled by hook or by crook! Apologies to our regulars who have had to be a bit patient with our slower than usual turn-around times!

The Bay has delivered for us and with the NW of yesterday and today, should give us some very nice conditions for tomorrow. Then there’s a blast of SE over Christmas and Boxing Day, followed by lovely calm weather on the 27th and 28th when we will be running charters on both days. I know we will all be enjoying a couple of days off after the hectic run-up to Christmas!



Just a quick reminder of our festive season timetable:

Sunday 25th: Christmas – Closed
Monday 26th: Boxing Day – Closed
Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th – Open
Saturday 31st: New Year’s Eve – Closed
Sunday 1st: New Year’s Day – Closed
Tuesday 3rd: Open as usual



We have been spotting on average three or four Seven gill Cowsharks each time we have dived Pyramid in the recent weeks, so we look forward to a steady increase in sightings over January. Pyramid is looking lovely and clean this morning when I did my 0700 recce!