Mandela Nudibranch -

Pisces News: 22nd August 2013

The National Watersports Show last weekend in Johannesburg was an interesting glimpse into the Joburg dive industry. Up there, dive centres are usually located in shopping malls and pay up to R1000 per square metre of retail space per month. Its no wonder they push hard to make their sales! Oh yes, and there are 97 registered centres… It was very nice to meet divers who have dived with us in the past and to meet new divers and try and persuade them to come down for a diving weekend to Cape Town. It was also nice to do some networking with the industry up there. We also managed to pick a good weekend to be away from Cape Town, although by Sunday things had settled down and the boat did two launches with reasonably decent conditions.


This week we did a couple of launches yesterday with poorer than expected visibility (after all the NW) but the forecast for the next while indicates very little wind at all. There is still some swell on the Atlantic side and the sun really comes out on Sunday when it is expected to be around 20 degrees. Let’s hope the Bay settled down nicely and gives us a good weekend, particularly because it’s the OMSAC Treasure Hunt this Saturday.

Mandela Nudibranch on sponge: Photo by Carel van der Colff

Final Reminder: OMSAC Treasure Hunt this Saturday!

If you have left it until the last minute, please rush straight to to register for the event which will take place this Saturday. See you down there!

Launches for the Weekend:

Friday 23rd August:

1000:  SAS Transvaal (max depth 33m)
1200:  SAS Pietermaritzburg (max depth 21m)

Saturday 24th August:

OMSAC Treasure Hunt

Sunday 25th August:

09:00 SAS Good Hope wreck (max depth 33m)
11:30 SAS Pietermaritzburg (max depth 21m)
14:00 Partridge Point (max depth 21m)