Reef Teach - Sodwana -

Pisces News: 21st August 2014

It’s been a cold and wintery week and I did feel a bit sorry for Dave yesterday, skippering in the rain for a couple of hours. We had some lovely conditions underwater, however, with 10m viz and flat calm conditions. This weekend it’s looking good for the Bay with nice clean in-shore confitions.

This week we’ve been playing thoughts of Sodwana over and over again in our heads… Only 4 spots left on our trip!! Try and book now if you’re on the fence but we may be able to organise a few more spots if you miss these last few. Chat to Carel directly on or 084 4481601 for the finer details.

A nice view of Reefteach in Sodwana Bay – where we’ll be diving in October!

Southern Right Whales

A Pisces friend, Martina, caught our boat viewing these Southern Right Whales in False Bay this last weekend.

This Friday, the Big Bay Life Saving Club will be hosting The Long Walk, a very interesting seminar about an attempt to “walk” the sea floor between the main land and Robben Island and will be looking for volunteers to partake in the “walk” with sub-walkers! Space is limited so RSVP to msvthelongwalk@gmail.comInternational Coastal Clean-up Day is back on the radar and is fast approaching for 20 September 2014. A seminar on iSpot will be held in Stellenbosch on Wednesday 27 September for the last few underwater photographers that haven’t gotten the news about it! Check our Facebook page for more details.

Launches for the Weekend:

Friday 22 August:

1000 Partridge Point (max depth 21 metres)
1200 Pyramid Rock (max depth 14 metres)

Saturday 23 August:

0900 meet *Shore Dive* Andre will lead – just pay for rental and cylinder
0900 MFV Princess Elizabeth (max depth 36 metres)
1200 Partridge Point (max depth 21 metres)
1400 Pyramid Rock (max depth 12 metres)

Sunday 24 August: 

0900 MV Rockeater (max depth 34 metres)
1130 SAS Pietermartizburg (max depth 21 metres)
1400 Pyramid Rock (max depth 12 metres)


PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course starting 21 August at 0900
PADI Open Water Diver course starting 22 August at 0900
PADI Open Water Diver course starting 26 August at 0900
PADI Emergency First Responder course on 28 August at 0900
PADI Navigation speciality starting on 30 August at 0900