Lara looking for nudibranchs -

Pisces News: 20th March 2014

We sneaked in three launches before the swell yesterday and had decent wreck dives at Smits and the PMB. The visibility was pretty good despite the surge! Then the swell klapped us let yesterday afternoon and the sea is in turmoil at the moment. The majority of the swell passes by Friday afternoon and there is pretty light NW and sunny conditions forecast, so we will hope the Bay settles down nicely for our weekend launches.

Carel and Neil have been very busy with training and we have been seeing lots of operators with big groups of students down at Long Beach, so it seems the local dive industry is enjoying a really good March! Let’s hope we have some more of the good diving conditions normally associated with this time of year in Cape Town in store for us.

Lara practicing her nudibranch spotting skills yesterday on the PMB: Photo by Carel van der Colff


Our Egypt group had a meeting last week and excitement is running high for our trip departing on the 16th April!

We are going to be running a couple of local trips over the remainder of the year, which you may be interested in joining us on:

Firstly, we will be doing a Sardine Run trip from East London in the first week of June. Carel and I have been up there the last two years and we had some fantastic action. We will be staying with our friend Sean Price in Cintsa which is a gem on the coast and offers numerous diversions for non-diving days. The plan is to spend six days at sea (weather permitting), launching out of EL harbour and hunting up and down the coast for the best activity. Please visit our travel page for all the details and costs which will be posted shortly.

And secondly, we will be heading up to Sodwana Bay for the Shootout again this year. This year the shootout will be between the 7th July and the 12th July and we will be staying and diving with Triton Dive Lodge. It’s also rumoured a certain dive club chairman will be celebrating a significant birthday in Sodwana at that time, so it might be quite a party! Again, check the travel page soon for details.

Dive Festival 2014 Update: Early Bird Alert!

We are very happy with the way the bookings are coming along – according to Grant we are almost at 40% booked for the Festival which is very good since we are still six weeks out from the Fest. If you have not already booked here is a very good reason to do so before the 1st April. Manex and Power Marine have very generously sponsored an Early Bird prize which will be open to all divers registered before 1st April and will be drawn at the main prize giving on Sunday 3rd May. The prize is an Apeks XTX200 Regulator with Octo and SPG which is worth R13,000!

Apex Regulator

Manex power and marine

Launches for the Weekend:

Saturday 22nd March:

0900:  SAS Transvaal (max depth 33m)
1130:  SAS Pietermaritzburg (max depth 21m)
1400:  Outer Castle (max depth 21m)

Sunday 23rd March:

0900:  Princess Elizabeth Wreck (max depth 33m)
1130:  SAS Pietermaritzburg (max depth 21m)
1400:  Dave’s Reef (max depth 15m)