Cape fur Seal - Partridge Point

Pisces News: 17 March 2016

It feels as though the seasons are changing and I for one am really enjoying the cooler weather after the blistering heat of February!

Last weekend we had a windy day on Saturday and we had 15m visibility in 10 degree water (under the thermocline) at Smits. The shallower sites were not as clean (6-7m) Neil sneaked in a very early training launch on Sunday morning before the wind really ramped up and we scuttled home to batten down the hatches. We have just returned from a couple of launches and it was lovely and windless, but quite surgy, with 6-7m visibility in the Bay. There is not much wind for the weekend BUT there is a solid swell arriving on Sunday with quite a bit of South in it – so we will be watching this swell with interest and make a call on Saturday for the Sunday launches.


Also, there is a huge military exercise planned for this Saturday and there will some road closures and diversions – we will still be operating but please build in a bit of extra time for getting here on time. Talking about roads, the stop/go in Clovelly is back in force. Avoid it at all costs – I got stuck in it for an hour the other afternoon…

Photo: by Philip Staes


Friday 18th March:

1000:  Partridge Point (max depth 21m)

1200:  Pyramid Rock (max depth 12m)

Saturday 19th March:

0900:  PMB Reef (depth 34m)

1130:  Graeme’s Spot (max depth 24m)

1400:  Partridge Point (max depth 21m)

Sunday 20th March:

0900:  Fan Reef (max depth 30m)

1130:  Pyramid Rock (max depth 12m)

1400:  Partridge Point (max depth 21m)


We will be visiting the Island of Madagascar in October!

Trip at a glance:

Day one: depart Johannesburg 0930 on Sunday 16th October, arrive Nosy Be at 1400. Road transfer from Hellville and then short boat transfer to Sakatia Island. There well in time for a shower before sundowners!

Day two to seven: We will be enjoying a ten dive package with Sakatia dive centre to their top reefs. We can split this up over far reefs, night dives, Whalesharks etc. Jacques will help us plan the diving aspects based on the conditions when we are there. In between the dives, we will be enjoying Isabella’s amazing cuisine and lots of hammock time, as well as the islands other delights.

Day eight: depart Nosy Be airport at 1445, arriving Johannesburg at 1845 on Sunday 23rd October.

Cost of trip: There are a couple of room options; a larger room with ocean views and slightly smaller rooms with garden views. Ocean bungalows are R20,208 per person sharing and Ocean bungalows are R22,000 per person sharing. These prices include flights, transfers, accommodation as described, breakfast and dinner. As Jacques mentioned at the presentation, lunches can be ordered a la carte but my experience has been that a solid breakfast and a three course dinner is more than enough for the day. The dive package is not included and this will come in at 367 Euro for ten boat dives including cylinders and weights. I have unbundled the diving as there might be some people who don’t want to do a full ten dives. We can also add a dive or two for the extra keen divers.

Who is coming???

Whaleshark - Madagascar

Reef life - Madagascar

Both Images by Jacques Viera