Kelp forest by Jean Tresfon -

Pisces News: 14th November 2013

Last weekend delivered some lovely False Bay diving and the Bay has maintained the good viz and temperature this week: 17-18 degrees and 6-8m viz. We were out for a couple of launches on Wednesdayand wanted to dive Livingstone Reef, but were moved on by the Navy due to a gunnery practice. We tried to explain that we felt safer in the target area than immediately adjacent to it, but they were having none of this and we retired gracefully to another dive site. We did our second dive at Pyramid and spotted a couple of Sevengills in between the swarms of jellies. I am hoping the gentle NW yesterday and today will clean them out a bit.

On the subject of Sevengills, there will be a report back on the tagging that was done earlier in the year at the Save Our Seas centre in Kalk Bay on 28th November at 1900. Please RSVP directly with if you are keen to attend.

This weekend we are expecting some severe weather on Saturday with very strong SE coupled with lots of rain – sounds like an Indian thunderstorm on the way! I think the Bay will still be fine early tomorrow and then we will launch again from Hout Bay on Sunday, giving it a miss for Saturday.

We are planning our trips for next year at the moment and at this stage we are definitely doing a Deep South Red Sea trip between 17-25 April 2014 and a week on the Sardine Run out of East London between1-8 June 2014. We will do a third local trip in September: Another Sodwana trip to the fabulous Triton Lodge. We are still doing costing for the Sardine Run trip, but we have confirmed pricing (and an early-bird discount) for the Red Sea trip – see below.

Lastly: if you happen to pop past the shop soon, you will see a collection of some of Jean Tresfon’s beautiful photographs on our dive centre walls. Jean has printed ten stunning images which are for sale (mounted or simply as a canvas) which I think really capture some of the beauty and diversity of Cape Town’s underwater life. They would make a fantastic gift to any diver! Come and see or browse over to

Kelp Forest scene by Jean Tresfon

Training for November:

  • PADI Advanced 14th and 15th
  • PADI Openwater 19th, 20th & 22nd November
  • PADI Advanced 26th & 27th November


Email me for the itinerary and early-bird special for Red Sea 2014!

Launches for the Weekend:  

Friday 15th November: False Bay

  • 1000: SAS PMB
  • 1200: Caravan Reef (max depth 21m)

Sunday 17th November: Hout Bay

  • 0900:  Vulcan Rock (max depth 25m)
  • 1130:  Duiker Island – seals (max depth 10m)
  • 1400:  Boss 400 wreck (max depth 20m)

Wednesday 20th November: False Bay

  • 1000:  Atlantis (max depth 25m)
  • 1200:  Pie Rock Reef (max depth 21m)