Nico Kollakowsky - Advanced Open Water -

Pisces News: 14th August 2014

Mike went out for a drive yesterday during the strong wind gusts and found that it was cleaning out the Bay beautifully! Today is going to be a lovely diving day! Carel and I both saw whales on the way to work – close inshore, as well!Tomorrow we’ll get into the water and dive before the southeaster starts up but Saturday may have a touch of wind still.Sunday will also have a light southeaster as well but nothing too strong.


Nico Kollakowsky worked on his Advanced Open Water course at Long Beach yesterday after having completed his Open Water certification on Sunday!

Emperor Angelfish

Carel shares this photo of a juvenile emperor angelfish from 2 Mile Reef at Sodwana Bay… You know what that means!!!! We’re planning a SODWANA TRIP!

Carel is going to be leading a diving adventure to Sodwana Bay leaving from Cape Town 18 October and returning on 25 October. Contact the shop for details!!

Launches for the Weekend:

Friday 8 August:

1000 Partridge Point (max depth 21 metres)
1200 Pyramid Rock (max depth 14 metres)

Saturday 9 August:

0900 meet *Shore Dive* Andre will lead – just pay for rental and cylinder
0900 MV Rockeater (max depth 34 metres)
1200 Partridge Point (max depth 21 metres)
1400 Pyramid Rock (max depth 12 metres)

Sunday 10 August: 

0900 SAS Transvaal (max depth 34 metres)
1130 SAS Pietermartizburg (max depth 21 metres)
1400 Pyramid Rock (max depth 12 metres)


PADI Dry Suit Diver Speciality course continuing 15 August at 1200
PADI Refresher course on 15 August at 0900
PADI Advanced Open Water course starting 17 August at 0900
PADI Nitrox Speciality on 17 August at 0900
PADI Advanced Open Water course starting 20 August at 0900
PADI Open Water course starting 22 August at 0900