Pisces Divers in Simons Town offers PADI Junior Experience courses this holiday

PISCES divers in Simons Town offers PADI Junior Experience courses this holiday

PADI Kids Bubble Maker Experience

PADI Kids Bubblemaker is great fun. It is a chance for your kids to blow bubbles underwater. If your child is eight years and above, he/she can use the scuba gear to breathe underwater and have fun in shallow waters. Give your child a memorable moment by hosting an exciting and unforgettable Bubblemaker birthday with friends and family.

Your kids will

  • Experience their first underwater breath in shallow water
  • Have unforgettable scuba diving experience under the care and supervision of our PADI pro.
  • Learn to use scuba diving equipment for children.
  • And have unlimited fun moments

PADI Seal Team

PADI Seal Team is an action and fun packed experience for your young divers as they complete various exciting AquaMissions.

The PADI Seal Team course is intended for kid divers who are looking forward to action-packed fun in a pool!  A PADI diving pro will guide children through different “Aquamissions” that are designed to teach them the basics of scuba diving.

The best and fun part of the Seal AquaMissions is that they teach safe diving skills as the kids are having fun.  Also, it presents parents with a structured program that lets their children develop diving skills while learning about the aquatic environment. This is also an excellent way to introduce kids to scuba diving before other advanced diver courses certification.

Your children will learn safety techniques in diving and can continue later to complete other special missions like Wreck diving, Night diving, photography and Environmental awareness. This is really fun gives them the opportunity to meet with their scuba friends regularly and have enjoyable moments. It also teaches them responsibility. Girls and boys over the age of 8 are eligible for the program.

The following are the special AquaMissions they can complete: Creature Identification, Inner Space, Night Diving, Search & Recovery, Safety, photo shoot, Environmental, Navigation, Skin Diver, and Wreck.

The program will be completed within three days with a flexible schedule for full-time and part-time candidates.