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Learn by doing – how to become a diving instructor

Pisces’ 6 month or one-year internship program

Is diving a dream job for you? Diving instructors make their living by teaching new divers and leading diving groups. Pisces offers a one-year internship program to get you from beginner to professional without needing to spend much time at all sitting in a classroom. Treat yourself to a brand-new career and live a year in beautiful Cape Town!

Scuba diving in Cape Town is full of adventure. Swim with sharks, seals and so many other species of aquatic life. Pisces’ full time Master Instructor, Ryan and other highly skilled staff will show you the way around Cape Town’s stunning waters. It’ll soon become a new home as you take advantage of all of Cape Town’s great amenities, attractions, and of course – the top notch cool water diving offered here.

The one-year scuba diving instructor program will familiarize you with all the courses that are offered by PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Multiple exciting courses are involved, including: open water, advanced open water, rescue, first aid, deep diver, navigation, underwater photography, the dive master course, and much more. You’ll assist with the daily operations of the dive shop. Once certified as a PADI dive mater you can even lead dive groups! Diving professionals learn valuable skills that are useful in different facets of life, such as public speaking, problem management, logistics, first aid, and a host of leadership level qualities.

Scuba diving instructors are able to live almost anywhere in the world that has an ocean or body of water. It’s a fun career with exciting experiences awaiting you with every dive. Whether you’re leading a group of tourists or helping local researchers to collect data and information, it’s a job that will never become mundane. Training is covered in the cost of the program; we will assist you in finding accommodation. We are on good terms with one of the nearby hotels which offer us favourable prices for long term leases. Most importantly, Pisces Divers are environmentally conscious, so you can be sure you’re not harming the habitats of the animals and the health of the vital ecology of the sea. Cape Town awaits your arrival!