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Diving is a wonderful experience and beautiful art to learn. Though open water scuba diving within 30 meters is great fun, it is just not deep enough to discover bigger and deeper dive sites around the world. As adventurous divers you will be eager to go a little deeper and have more fun. These and more are the things you get to learn from PADI Deep Diver Specialty course.

The PADI Deep Diver Specialty course allows you to safely explore beyond open water diving training limits. Exciting and thrilling experience such as shipwrecks, caves, and beautiful wall dives lay beyond open water diving.

The purpose of Pisces PADI Deep diver specialty course is to serve as a safe, supervised introduction to deeper diving within the limits of recreational scuba diving with in-depth emphasis on fun and safety.

For deep dives, the minimum depth is between 18-30 meters and them maximum diving depth is 40 meters with all dives conducted within the no-decompression limits. The Deep Diver Specialty course equips students with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience of deep diver. At the end of the course, the student would be able to plan, organize and confidently dive to depths of between 18 and 40 meters.

With considerations such as safety stops, decompression-table reviews, and special equipment requirements this course will give you the perfect techniques and confidence to explore deeper.

Who should apply?

The course is applicable for any certified open water scuba diver who would love to expand their diving knowledge and expertise. PADI Deep diver Specialty course is an excellent option for certified open water scuba divers that seek to advance their dive training.

Course Requirement


To enroll for the Deep diver specialty course, the student must be 18 years, but a minimum of 15 years with parental consent is acceptable.


Applicant must be a certified PADI Adventure Diver or have attained equivalent qualification.

Learning Materials

PADI’s Deep Diver study material will provide a thorough overview of the techniques and principle needed to complete the PADI Deep Diver specialty course. Also, all required equipment for the duration of the course will be at your disposal.

What you will learn

Under the supervision of our group of professional instructors, you will learn diving techniques for deep ranges between 30 to 4o meters. You will understand Deep scuba diving equipment considerations,

Plan, organize and make four deep dives under instructor’s supervision. You will be taught decompression illness, review effects of nitrogen narcosis and other symptoms and deep water diving first aid techniques.


It takes two days to complete the course where all principal evaluation and requirement by PADI will be completed. Students will complete four dives at a maximum depth of 40 meters within two days.

Day one:

  • Knowledge review
  • Theory session
  • Practical session – 2 boat dives

Day Two:

  • Knowledge review
  • Theory session
  • Practical session – 2 boat dives



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